Aspire To Inspire
Hispanic Youth Empowerment Organization

Creating the next generation of Hispanic leaders and innovators!

Our mission is simple, we are obsessed about closing the achievement gap of Hispanic Youth at High School level, getting them college ready and increasing the number of Hispanic students attending and completing college.

In today’s digital global economy, strong high-tech skills are a central element of a strong foundation to compete and succeed in virtually any job. However, many of our students are facing challenges that are not allowing them to finish high school and pursuing Higher Education seems like an unatainable goal for many. As the Hispanic population continues to grow, now more than ever, it is paramount to advance and improve opportunities and outcomes of Hispanic youth.           
Currently, Hispanic students are the largest minority group in the public school system. Yet, they lag behind in almost every measure, lack of access to culturally sensitive mentorship opportunities, and exposure to STEM courses or activities are almost out of reach. To address some of the challenges that plague Central Florida’s Hispanic youth, a group of local leaders and community organizations have joined forces through community organization Aspire to Inspire to inspire the next generation of minority talent to aspire and achieve great success in the 21st century global economy.
Through a data-driven approach and by working hand in hand with schools and community partners, Aspire to Inspire will bring together a community of mentors that will have a measurable impact in the lives of the Hispanic students and their families. It is our objective to find solutions to the problems affecting our youth and improve educational outcomes for students. 
Prussia, Michigan 12/5/2014
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